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Very cool and relaxing game! I have to say that i got stuck on the first puzzle (had to check here), but i was happy just tickling the giant with with the chill sounds. I like how the narrative and the puzzles mesh together, like you're playing through memories.

Nice voice!

I cant for the life of me beat the first puzzle, its destroying me haha. I really wish I could, I love the little bit of narrative you start with. Ill return again in future and see if I can progress. 

Hey DoodleBear! Very soon I will upload a new version of the game (v2) and I will include a lil' cheat code in there so that you can hit the 'end' key on your keyboard if you want to skip rooms. Keep that between us though! ;)

Just beat it! I didnt have to use the skip either, for whatever reason my brain was ready. 

The narrative is fantastic and I love its combination with these short puzzles. 

My criticism would be that the puzzles can be difficult to know what to do  or are a little random. Maybe a UIhint or something would be enough, particularly the first one. Also while I think the art works and has its own lofi charm I reckon this paired with some hand drawn stills could be really effective. 

I really like the minimal sound design, the ambient noise works great and the voice over is sweet. 

Overall this is one of my favourites, a wee concise narrative paired with little taster puzzles... dope.